“Hoka Hey! Viva La Raza! I am proud of my Lakota people for Standing their ground and protecting our Ina Maka and the Lakota (Allies/People) who live as a distinct community.

We have lived through many viruses brought upon us by the non-Indian visitors to our homelands. They have been welcomed here. We have defeated them many times. When will this government quit passing on a false narrative about our existence?

When will the media do our living actions justice and quit treating us, Indians, as an invisible entity?

The example shown by our Lakota Relatives in securing the sovereign borders of respective “Indian” land should encourage our allies of other Indian Nations to do the same… all across Indian Country. Checkpoints should be in place by all leaders of our sovereign Indian Nations ❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽” Harlem Indian AKA- Robert Upham.