Sacred Point of View is a cohort, with the primary aim of promoting American Indian Culture, History and Sovereignty.  This website is deep in information about history and current events, as well as information about the work of our featured artist.  This “About Us” page we will be continually updating with links to pages within the site and beyond.

Our featured artist is Robert “Running Fisher” Upham.

Robert’s Artist Statement:

Robert “Running Fisher” Upham is a mixed blood Indian from the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation, where he attended schools in Harlem, MT. He is Dakota, enrolled in the Lake Traverse Sioux Reservation (Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate)….For more information about him as an artist, click here.

Because Robert sees himself as primarily a chronicler or story teller, his work can become a powerful way of educating yourself about Indian history.  Each ledger piece has a story attached,  which you can browse by clicking on each image, from the Gallery, here.

Over the years, Robert has interviewed and videotaped many influential thinkers and leaders within Indian Country on important topics such as blood quantum, art, sport as a cultural value, and the protection of languages.  On the Home Page of this site, Sacred Point of View, are an array of videos.  Click on each one to access the corresponding video.

From time to time, we’ll also comment on current events, especially as they are affected by and affect Indian Country.  Currently, the issue of sovereignty in relation to protecting borders of sovereign Indian Nations is prominent, and this page addresses the issue.

Robert is always working on original pieces.

To inquire about new work, contact us at,  check out our Original Art page or our Ledger Art Prints page within our Shopify site,

You may also call Robert directly at 206-503-4753.

Or, if it’s more convenient for you, we do have a couple of sites where you can order prints on demand, as well as “swag” such as iphone cases, blankets, etc….

FineArtAmerica/Pixels Here or ArtSpan here.     For a review of the prints which we personally have ordered from FineArtAmerica/Pixels, click here.  We have since ordered also from ArtSpan, and both sites do a great job, with framing options available.