Blueback Salmon

“My Quinault grandbabies live where their people have welcomed back the salmon for thousands of years. The stories, songs, dances and feasts are part of their DNA.
Blueback salmon, native to the Quinault region, have a particularly high fat content, stemming from their diet of kelp. They are survivors and champions, swimming thousands of miles out to sea and finding their way home in order to spawn. Their meat is valued by people who love fine food throughout the globe.
I did this ledger drawing for the bluebacks and the Quinaults. The title “2014 The Year of the Champions” is a way to place the image in time. We celebrate the Super Bowl run of the Seattle Seahawks, because there are many Seahawks fans among my people. Sport, in our cultural understanding, is medicine. The Seahawk’s championship has become a powerful story supporting strength and resilience within our communities. As people with deep spiritual roots, and as expert survivors, we gain spiritual strength from wherever the great mystery provides it.”
Robert “Running Fisher” Upham, aka Harlem Indian

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