Pappy Boyington, one of the most successful flying aces of World War II,  and a Lakota Sioux,  was a graduate of Lincoln High School, Tacoma Washington.  He is America’s Real Top Gun–the Luke Skywalker of the air.  He attended the University of Washington, worked at Boeing, and joined the Marines.  He flew over Kun Ming China as part of the Flying Tigers, protecting China from Japanese invasion.  When the United States entered WWII, he transferred to the Pacific theater as a Marine, as head of the infamous  Black Sheep Squadron.  His fearless flying style inspired his team into being one of the most successful flying squads out of the Yuma area.  He personally downed 28 Zeroes prior to being shot down and captured.  He spent the rest of the War in a Japanese POW camp, where he was presumed dead.  He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Honor Post-Humously, and the Navy Cross.  Once he was rescued from the POW camp, he was awarded the Medal of Honor again.