The Heart Opens..Just That.

Black Dog’s head on my feet,

He sends me his heart,

While his kin talk and talk outside.

Yelping of their discoveries,

Mourning their sadness, their loneliness.

Sometimes his ears perk, and he answers.

Maybe consoling,

Maybe commiserating,

Telling of his people

Who love him,

Who bring him treats,

Who keep him safe,

Who let him sleep in the under-bed cave when he seeks comfort,

And Who keep him locked from freedom.

Trust grows,

Species to species..


Yet sometimes founders

On the shoals of “You want ME to submit?”

Nope!  Free Dog!!

Dog tribe, Wolf clan, Coyote Trickster’s Union


His head warm on my otherwise cold feet,

I ponder…

How to reach cross-species cooperation?

How to request the honoring of “Sapa, Come”

Without killing the Spirit between us?

Heart Opens…..Just That.

Sacred Point of View